Monday, May 5, 2008


The following is just an attempt to put some funny or worth remembering experiences of mine in Masters and to include names of some good friends and class mates. I hope you have fun.

Packed was my luggage
I was Ready to check in my baggage
In the airport no melodrama
Said before leaving home my sister rama (read it ramaa)
We will chat daily don't worry
Said waving a good bye my mom sundari (read it sundary)
You are going to pursue masters dont look sad
Trying to cheer me up this was my dad
After landing to buy something if u need money
Dont hesitate, call me said my other sister srimani (read it srimanee)

(Now the plane left india and reaching US)
After landing who is going to pick me at the other shore
I will arrange it said India club's Kishore
My flight is reaching late would anyone show up,
Don't worry, there is ever helpful Somu to pick you up.
Need to hunt an apartment have to run door to door
I found one just move in, said Sumedha Uppnor
Tired teaching roomies how to cook was the Biryani Savanth
Ravi Sheshu is learning quick though commented Ananth

In UA projects are long and tuff, the hell ya
Firing the first words of caution this is Sahitya
I was one of the first ones to get an assistantship
With courses and RA then started the hardship
Looking at him work so much, I thought only coding was his karma
Yes I am talking about the ever working Ravi Sharma
we will finish the project don't worry ravi
6 Hours away from deadline this is supercool Pallavi

Not even a month into it and his patience did vanish
Stuck in a business school RA, this is the systems guy Manish
Be careful in US never drive rash
A lesson learnt after the accident of Avinash
Got a license and drove to the temple in Maricopa
Accompanying me were Nikesh, Tarun, swapna and Lopa
With Deloitte Offer we got a Bag, Candies and a Starbucks Card,
Natashaz and my efforts finally bore reward.

To find a Job in NY, a little tuff time I was havin
You will make it to bloomberg, don't worry said bhavin
Last sem also 3 courses, there goes relentless Anurag,
Got Stuck unwantedly in SIE course, poor guy Parag
During Interview prep struggled with Parallel Programming techneek
finally got it, thanks to karthik the geek.
First discussed interviews, now about our jobs we brag
Having coffee after sleeping in PPL class, myself and Pa'rag
Worked in Microsoft, wanted to be a part of Mr.Gates' entourage
Made other choices , Now it is upto Poorna, Natasha and Woj
Anurag filled his transcript with infinte courses,
VMware said enough, now come fill your bourses

Dude Its a bit long and exciting run just be ready,
Now that I am almost done, giving gyaan to Sushanth Reddy

Thank God I have a job and in future would also have a wife
But one thing I would definetly miss is the most exciting student life :)

If your name does not rhyme well
Pardon me, do not curse me to hell
In the given frame of time
I could not find a word which does rime (another spelling for rhyme)

Finally a nice poem in hindi by sumitranad pant about meeting and leaving.

Yeh Saanj usha ka aangan
aalingan virah milan ka
chir haas asrmay aanan
rey is manav jeevan ka

Have fun.

Please feel free to suggest me better rhyming words/phrases. I would be more than happy to include them. Parag, the other day you had a interesting shayari. Please Leave it as a comment.