Thursday, September 27, 2007

City Of Merchants

me: hey dude
how r u
Phanindra: Hey man
I'm good, how are you?
2:36 AM me: doing gud
Phanindra: Great... where are you?
me: Tucson arizona
2:37 AM Phanindra: Oh, nice...
me: u?
Phanindra: Good old Hyderabad!
me: ha ha
Phanindra: Full of bomb blasts, falling flyovers and the whole zing bang!

No Prices for guessing the above..a gtalk chat with my friend in hyderabad.

When I was a kid, I asked my mom...why is some place a city and some place a village(and not a city).
Simple Answer : A lot of trade happens there. Lots of MERCHANTS from lots of places come there(city) to sell things. That is why it is big and called a city.

True, I feel today looking at cities around the world...tatz how they have become cities.

Dont want to bore u guyz with history of Persian Merchants in Hyderabad selling IRANI chai, Pearls , etc.... u can google for it....Now a days we have newer merchants coming up.

When I started follwoing news seriously frm arnd 2000, read about one MERCHANT ....ex indian captian (AZZU) ..great batsman....great captian..but turned merchant by selling the game ....... then by putting up a gym/spa (dont ask me the funding source).....(these are allegations I read in news not sure if correct)

Then we had another merchant who sold the city but in the right sense (like you sell urself to getta job)...ex CM. NCB NAIDU....Sold the MICROSOFT ..ORACLE....brought hyderabad onto the world map. OF course allegations say he also bought HITEC CITY from builders at almost 10 times the worth..poor taxpayers complaints..hez been a great Merchant.

B.Ramalinga Raju of Satyam.... a great IT merchant ...again a pride....and The list can go on....

Today we have new merchants ... the ruling govt....same as the one in center....left loose bangladesh borders for infiltrators....allegations say...these are for vote bank politics to win elections in North East with the help of them....laws considered to legalize steps to push them out.... some of them believed to be masterminds behind the blasts...

Local people turned MERCHANTS by harboring them for money. No, not the merchants I want to talk about.

Construction companies.... not very new merchants ...have been buliding infrastructure in hyderabad...turning it into CYBERabad since 1999.

Today these merchants have sold people's safety...results ..falling flyovers....

Right from Nizams , Salarjungs..... to todayz Naiduz...Harsha Bhoglez(call him a merchant coz he sells cricket yaar...ya hez frm hyd) ..Dr.Reddy of Reddy labs, we had great merchants in Hyderabad...but now I am scared to know these merchants who bring down flyovrs and hurt people at gokul chatz....
Yes, Cities are built by Merchants mom was right....but looks like they are also destroyed by merchants.....

I want the ones who build them back into lime light....dont want my city to be "happening" for the reasons mentioned in the chat