Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Title

Well the title.....people regular on Hindi movies can quickly relate the title of the blog to the movie hazaron khwaishen Aisi (Not the mallika sherawat movie ..its name is ....Khwaish)

But the title is not just a english translation of it........ this is a place where i want to put all my thoughts (aiming 1000 is too opmtimistic aahhhhhhhhh)......but lemme atleast aim at it.

But it cant be denied that the movie had an influence on me deciding on this title...... the movie in the starting says it represents INDIA at a time when people had many desires adn the country was going in thousand directions ... Today again I feel India is very ambitious and going in many directions and doing great in all of them.....and me being a part of the current young generation also am ambitious and have many dreams and THOUSAND THOUGHTS