Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prejudiced Eye

"if you are not ready to come out of your pre-formed impressions and prejudice and if you are not ready to accept the truth.... then do whatever you want and write whatever you want ..the people of gujarat know the truth and would vote me back" ...Modi to english Media

"Before we start working with someone we should not be prejudiced"... a friend of mine

I don't want to make this a gyan spot.... but the fact that I watch a lotta news sometimes makes this so(noooo...nooo.. this is not gyannnnn :) ).

A word present both in the title and the first two sentences -- no prizes for guessing the answer --'prejudice'

Each and everyone of us a victim of this.. sometims coz of what we hear about some one or the previous actions of some one. The best example of how this shadows reason and logic...... the Gujarat election of 2007.

After 2002 immaterial to the number of developmental activities carried out by MODI, Media was busy talking only about 2002. The so called educated media and so called intelligentia could not push themselves beyond the impression/ prejudice they harbour about Modi. This was blatantly clear at the "Hindustan Times summit ". The topic of the day was realtion b/w center and states which Modi stuck to and spoke about development. Instead of being inquistive about how he could drive such large scale dev initiatives media was busy moving around 2002.

Even the psephologists who are another form of mathematicians tried to incorporate prejudice into mathematics and the result is obvious..they sucked and could not come close to the final numbers.....their explanation a headline "MODI beats expectations"...nope this is wrong .. it should have been "Prejudiced opnioins/brians lead to wrong expectations"

One thing unable to figure out............ where is the boundary between using history of a person to predict future action and calling it prejudice :D

One thing i am sure many ppl dont understand.. the movie "Bride and Prejudice" ..why the hell on the surface of earth was it made and what is the point being made thru it.